Meet Indiana Bonz
Published on August 29, 2005 By just john In Dogs
This is my new Catahoula Cur.

His name is Indiana Bonz, Indy for short. He had a rough couple of first months. He was in the company of a homeless man and a wonderful woman bought him a meal and some clothes and offered to give the dog a good home. She immediately took little sick Indy to the vet and got him all patched up. He had hook and tape worms. He needed some minor ear surgery and he desperately needed to be vaccinated.

We picked him up last Saturday from this very nice lady. She paid his entire medical bill and asked for nothing more than a good home for him. We had a good day with him on Saturday and his health began to fall off on Sunday. He was sluggish and didn't want to eat very much. Monday and Tuesday passed with not much change in his health. I had to take him to the vet on Wednesday because something was really wrong.

I was unfortunately right. He was diagnosed with Parvo. For those of you that are unfamiliar this, it is a very serious infection that eats away the intestinal lining. This is an infection that is often fatal. He had to have been exposed the day his angel picked him up and got him vaccinated. His vaccination was taking effect in what would have been the last days of his life.

He got a good shot of antibiotics at the vet and was kept in isolation for two days. He is a fighter and he pulled through. He is going to be an amazing dog. He has learned sit and stay, lay down and shake. He has also learned sit, stay and no in sign language. (my cousin has a deaf boxer)

He has had so many adventures in the first couple of months of his life it was only appropriate to name him after the character Indiana Jones. After all, Indiana was supposedly named after his dog.

His eyes are yellow. Most catahoulas have glass eyes or mixed eyes.

on Aug 29, 2005

I remember when we got my son his Dog.  He was 10 and wanted a Beagle Pup.  We got a beagle hound mix, and he was so happy!  We got it from one of those rescue shelters.

The next day I came home and my son looked devastated!  I asked what was wrong, but he would not talk to me.  His mother said the dog had Parvo.  What could I say?  Fortunately, 3 days later (and a big chunk of change), the dog was well on its way to recovery, and has been a very good (if dumb) dog ever since.  He is 9 now.  We figure he was born on my son's birthday, so we named him Joey after my Son's first name (not the one we call him by).  We should have called him knot head!

on Aug 29, 2005
What a sweetie!
on Aug 29, 2005
Aww, he's beautiful! 
on Aug 29, 2005
Thanks ... I am lucky!